How to Fix Green/Purple Video Corruption in Google Chrome

Solution 1. Turn off Hardware Acceleration in Chrome

The first troubleshooting tip for the green screen when playing videos on Google Chrome is to disable hardware acceleration. Follow the steps below.

Solution 2. Disable Hardware-accelerated Video Decode in Chrome

Step 1. Open a Google Chrome browser window, type “about:flags” in the address bar, and press Enter.

Solution 3. Disable Graphics Performance

Step 1. Open the Settings app, click System and then choose Display.

Solution 4. Update Graphics Driver

If the green/purple screen problem isn’t still fixed, you can try to update your graphics driver.

Solution 5. Reinstall Google Chrome

If the above 4 ways don’t help, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.


This post offers 5 ways to fix green/purple video corruption in Google Chrome. When you have this issue, try these methods and check if the problem is solved.



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