Top 8 Video Color Editors for Computer and Mobile (Free & Paid)

  1. Add a filter to the video
  2. Apply the LUT effect

Part 1. Video Color Editors for Desktop

This part will introduce the 4 effective video color editors for your computer desktop, Adobe Premiere Pro, VSDC Free Video Editor, MiniTool MovieMaker, and Lightworks.

#Adobe Premiere Pro

If you need a powerful video color editing app, Adobe Premiere Pro is a great choice. It has all-in-one color adjustment tools to adjust the color and luminance in video, correct the video that’s too dark or too light, etc. And users can directly edit the footage’s color on the timeline.

#VSDC Free Video Editor

If you need a powerful and free video color editor, try VSDC Free Video Editor. Basically, this software offers 3 methods to edit colors of a video, standard manual color adjustments, Instagram-like filters, and LUTs. The color adjustments tool allows you to manually adjust clip’s brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, hue, luminance, and other parameters by clicking Video effects Editing and Adjustments.

#MiniTool MovieMaker

For beginners, Adobe Premiere Pro and VSDC Free Video Editor might be difficult to learn. Thus, you can try MiniTool MovieMaker, a simple and free video editor app. This video editor is easy to use and has no bundles, no ads, and even no watermarks.


Lightworks is another effective video color editor app that gives your footage the right feel and look to it. With a professional color correction tool, Lightworks allows you to adjust shadows, mid-tones, highlights, saturation, gamma, contrast, brightness, gain.

Part 2. Video Color Editors for Mobile

This section will introduce the 3 video color editors for your Android and iOS devices, Adobe Premiere Rush and PowerDirector.

#Adobe Premiere Rush

Developed by Adobe, Premiere Rush is a versatile video editor for your Android and iOS devices. If you want a useful video color correction app for your phones, Adobe Premiere Rush would be a nice choice.


PowerDirector is also one of the best video color editing apps. To adjust the colors in video clips for a natural appearance, this app offers a color adjustment tool to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, tint, and sharpness.

Part 3. Online Video Color Editors

Here’re 2 online video color editors you can try.


If you need an online video color editor app, Clipchamp is recommended here. It’s very simple to use to adjust the colors in the video.


FlexClip is an online versatile video editor and it’s also an effective video color editing app. To enhance the video color, it can change the exposure, temperature, brightness, tint, contrast, saturation, highlights, shadows, and vignette, or apply a filter.

Part 4. How to Edit Color in Video on Windows

This part will show you how to edit color in video on Windows using MiniTool MovieMaker.

How to Change Text Color in Video Editor

Here’s how to change text color in MiniTool MovieMaker.

  1. Go to the Text Editor, type your text. Then you can choose text size, font, position, alignment, etc.
  2. To change the text color, click the Text Color button and then select the desired color. Also, you can highlight the text with color.


With the 8 video color editors, you can easily edit the video color by adjusting the contrast, saturation, brightness, etc., applying a LUT effect or adding a filter. What’s your favorite video color editing app? Share it with us in the comments area.



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